Christian Werner

Katharina Kress

Christoph Arni

Dani Barsch

Thomas Reichelt

Katharina bühler

Helmar Jungmann

Maik Oehme

Christian Werner (Director)
After studying visual communication at the Bauhaus university in Weimar,
Christian Werner worked continuously as an author, director and assistant director
for filmproduction companies like Bavaria Media und Zerfilmes LTD in Sao
Paulo- Brasil. In 2005 he founded his own Production company acamara film,
co-producing and supervising shortfilms, commercials, imagefilms and documentaries
as a director. Since october 2007 he studies fiction film directing at the
Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. 2010 he was selected for the Berlinale Talent
Campus und took part in a UCLA Masterclass-Program in Los Angeles.

Katharina Kress (Writer)
Katharina Kress studied German literature, Geography and Psychology at the Otto
Friedrich-University in Bamberg. She graduated in 2007 with a dissertation about
the scriptwriting of the film adaptation of the literary novel "The Perfume".
From 2007 to 2010 Katharina studied scriptwriting in the postgraduate program
in the Feature Film department at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy. Now she works
as a writer in Hamburg.

Christoph Arni (Producer)
Christoph Arni studied Media Design, with the major discipline Film/Video at the
Stuttgart Merz Academy. Afterwards he worked as a production assistant at
Pumpkin Film AG, a commercial film production company located in Zurich. Followed by
the launch of the production company »instantview« that he founded together with
9 swiss filmmakers in Zurich. Instantview produces commercials, imagefilms and
documentaries in switzerland.
Since October 2007 he studies Film Production at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy
with the focus on creative producing and development.

Dani Barsch (Cooperation Partner / Co-Producer)
Dani Barsch studied art history and literature in Dresden and Paris accompanied by
journalistic works. Afterwards she took part in the German-French Masterclass-Program
in filmproduction at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy and worked for several
Filmproductions ("Schultze gets the blues", "Flucht und Vertreibung", "Der rote Kakadu",
"Schliemann", "Whiskey mit Wodka") as a production assistant. After that she was owner and
manager of a filmproduction service company for four years. 2009 she founded her own
filmproduction company "filoufilm" in Dresden.

Thomas Reichelt (Co-Producer / Production Cordinator)
After graduating from Highschool Thomas Reichelt became an advertising salesman.
Afterwards he moved to Italy. There he produced for the italian TV market (RAI Venice),
and realized his own documentaries for european educational programs. He also gained
experience in different jobs in production companies like moneypenny GmbH, Hager&Moss
Filmproduction. Since 2007 he studies film production at the Baden-Württemberg
Filmacademy and works as a production coordinator for external production companies
like SWR and Markenfilm.

Eva Katharina Bühler (Cinematography)
Eva Katharina Bühler studied audio- visual media at the "Hochschule der Medien" in
Stuttgart and graduated 2004 with a diploma. During her studies she also worked for
the TV station WDR and the production company X-Films. Since 2002 she works
self-employed for the WDR. 2005 she began studying cinematography and documentary
filmmaking at the Baden-Württemberg Film Academy and graduated in 2011. Now she
works as cinematographer on several projects.

Helmar Jungmann (Editor)
Helmar Jungmann studied Theatre and Media Sciences and Political Science at the
University of Erlangen-Nuernberg. In addition to his studies he worked as a camera assistant
and editor at the radio and television broadcaster "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (BR). Since
October 2007 he has been studying Montage and Editing at the Baden-Württemberg Film
Academy. Additionally, he works as a freelance editor for companies such as
PUBLICMOTOR GmbH, fischerAppelt, tv media GmbH and also for "Bayerischer Rundfunk" (BR).

Maik Oehme (Musik)
Maik Oehme studied Musicology and Music Education at the University of Education
Ludwigsburg as well as Composition and Orchestration at the University College of
Ripon and York in the UK. After various engagements as a musical actor, choirmaster
and singing teacher he spent three years working as a Music and English teacher. Since
October 2008 he has been studying Film Music, and Sounddesign at the Baden-Württemberg
Film Academy. He graduated 2010 an now works as a composer and music teacher.